BlueStar Airline

BlueStar Airline is probably the least successful airline in the travel industry due to poor management and questionable intelligence.  Fortunately we are not a real airline so we have been able to stay in business through out the years. The BlueStar diaries were developed to document the trial and tribulations of BlueStar Airline and their quest for fame and fortune.  BlueStar  holds The Bluth Company in the highest regard and aspire to match their success.

Disclaimer is a fictitious Airline, does not and has not actually flown anywhere…ever. Any similarities to actual airlines, currently operating, out of business or bankrupt, are purely coincidental. All events described herein never actually happened in real-life , though on occasion there may have been similar occurrences in a movie like ‘Wall Street’. Any local stories or pictures you may find on this website are not considered to be factual or relevant to anything actually happening in real life. If you chose to believe anything on this website please be aware that it might make you look un-intelligent to your friends and/or business associates.